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Magnesium Embossing and Debossing Dies

  • Embossing means that the image is raised out of the paper. Debossing is exactly the opposite. The image goes down into the paper.
  • We tailor each die to our customer's inliidual requirements. We take into account many different issues, such as, board thickness, board surface, desired effect, etc.
  • Our Magnesium Single Level Emboss and Deboss Dies give our customers an alternative for shorter runs and one-off jobs.
  • Magnesium embossing dies offer a fast turnaround.

Membrane Keyboard Embossing Magnesium Dies

These dies are used to emboss graphic overlays for membrane keyboards which are made of polycarbonate, polyester and a series of other materials of varying thicknesses which will resist wear and tear over a long period of time. These membrane keyboards are use in the medical fields, aerospace applications, defence sectors and transportation industries.

Copper and Brass Embossing Dies

  • Copper and Brass embossing dies are also ideal for creating an imprint into the paper or other materials.
  • Copper embossing dies are ideal for a two-level effect.
  • Brass embossing dies are ideal for a multi-level 3D effect.