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Thermal Kiss-Cut Dies

Kiss-cut dies are made of magnesium and have a special coating of Teflon. Teflon allows for the cutting of the decal (i.e. Kiss-cut) with the added advantage of not sticking or burning the vinyl. They produce results similar to vinyl cut by computer, however our Teflon dies are particularly used to produce larger volume runs at a more cost effective rate.
Thermal dies do not cut right through the vinyl as a steel rule die. They are what we call "Kiss-cut" by which the vinyl is cut through, but leaves the liner intact.
These dies are used by our customers to create complex patterns, be it for cars, boats, snowmobiles, safety stickers and a host of other uses.
The main advantages of Thermal Cutting Dies (Kiss-cut) with Teflon compared to steel rule dies for decals are:
  • Prevents the material from sticking.
  • A faster make-ready.
  • Easy to use and highly versatile.
  • Capable of very complex cuts.
  • Lower cost.